Crazy hair to help cure cancer

It was a strange sight this morning as the Gayhurst children arrived at school.  Not only did their Headmaster, welcoming the children, look like a cross between Billy Ray Cyrus and Robbie Savage but the whole school seemed to have sprayed and plaited, crimped and twisted their hair into many weird and wonderful shapes.  Those that didn’t feel they had enough to play with, wore wigs that were punky, frizzy and multi-coloured. The whole day was the idea of Daisy and Nia Davies.  Their Mum Lisa, is running the London Marathon this Sunday and fundraising to support The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity after her Father, the girls’ Grandfather, received life-saving care, at the world leading cancer centre, when suffering from lung cancer.  Nia said, “we chose ‘crazy hair’ so that everyone could join in with crazy hair styles or wigs as so many cancer patients lose their hair whilst having chemotherapy”.

It certainly brightened up the school day and gave all the girls and boys a chance to express themselves in a thoroughly original way.

Nia left and Daisy right with their Mum Lisa and Sister Ffion.