Autumn Term Art news

This term the children in Year 5 are learning about the Russian Artist Wassily Kandinsky. They have been making some reproductions of his paintings and studying his arrangement of line, shape and colour in preparation for their sculpture designs.  They have also created some abstract responses to a selection of words using line drawing which will be revisited later in the project.

Each week the children in the Advanced Art after-school activity have foraged for natural materials to use in their clay. They firstly learned how to prepare their clay, cutting it and rolling it to the correct depth.  They then explored shape, composition, texture and pattern freely as they pressed their found objects into the clay.  Through the process the children became more thoughtful with their composition.

The focus of the Year 6 project is the Nativity. The girls and boys are working in groups of 4, designed an imager to represent a pivotal part of the story.  They have each designed four compositions with the aim of trying to show their scene in the best possible way so the message will be clear.  A trip to the National Gallery next Tuesday (10th October) will reinforce their learning and give them a chance to talk about religious art in terms of colour, composition and symbolism with the aim to collect some new ideas to add to their painting.  Back in the classroom they will build an ornate frame using cardboard construction techniques and paint their design.  The completed works will be arranged in order to tell the story of Jesus’ birth in sequence.