Birthday giveaway

Two of our Year 6 pupils, Josh and Andreas, have birthdays close to each other and this year chose to hold a joint 11th birthday party. They also chose to not receive any gifts…..

Both Josh and Andreas have been involved with fund raising for the AfriKids charity in the past. You may remember back in the summer they managed to raise, with your help, £11,000 through the selling of special laces. Keeping their charitable work going, both boys asked for their invited party guests to make a donation to a very special cause, instead of buying them birthday gifts. At the centre of that cause, was a little girl called Hazel.

Hazel is the daughter of a 26 year old man called Zach who was brought up in one of the foster homes AfriKids work with. Hazel had a hole in her heart and needed an urgent operation if she was to make it to her 2nd birthday. The operation would cost £7,000. A figure that is totally out of the reach of Zach and his family.

Between Josh and Andreas’ Year 6 classmates and other family friends and supporters of Hazel, the target was met on Thursday. Hazel and her family immediately travelled overnight and the brave little girl had her operation on Saturday. It was a great success and on Wednesday 4th of December, much to the relief of her worried parents, she came out of the ICU.

On hearing the happy news, Andreas and Josh made a poster about her story and were delighted to take part in a video call with her family. Everybody found the call very emotional! The boys have been sharing their story with Gayhurst and we thought it was so wonderful that the wider community should hear about it.

We are so proud of Josh and Andreas. What amazing young men they are!