Hello students and parents of Gayhurst,
The Spring Clean Week took place last week, which was organised by the GPA. We were inspired to raise mindfulness to the students through Japan’s unique cultural attitude towards cleaning and we have enjoyed moving this project forward with Mr Davies’s help.
Firstly, and most importantly, we would like to thank all the teachers and parents for their cooperation during these busy weeks, and the children for their enthusiasm.
When we came to collect the sheets on Monday, we couldn’t believe the number of star charts handed back. Every student who took part had made a difference this week – excellent work! At home, children had been busy tidying up rooms, taking out bins and doing chores they wouldn’t do normally. At school, many children returned lost property for other students and kept class rooms tidy. Out in the community, some of you picked up litter and even helped a neighbour clean up snow! You all went above and beyond to respect your surroundings and raise mindfulness. A big round of applause for you all.
You may already know which three classes topped the leaderboard for Spring Clean Week:
1st place: 4G with 150 stars
2nd place: 3D with 143 stars
3rd place: 3P with 114 stars
Super cleaning work! Class 4G got to decide the lunch menu for a day as their prize (it involves rocket lollies!) and this will be implemented during the first week of the Summer term.
We also wanted to award a special cleaning prize… this goes to two brothers who worked extra hard at home and at school. Congratulations to Thomas Gray from 3S and Joshua Gray from 4G! They will receive two free tickets to the Everyman cinema in Gerrards Cross for a movie of their choice during the Easter holidays (please email samosyeo@gmail.com for more details).
We would also like to give a special commendation to the Creighton siblings, Alex and Ella, for their cleaning efforts at home.
Thank you again for your cooperation and we hope the children keep up their super cleaning efforts!
Kind regards,
Saori Amos-Yeo and Rozet Shah