Challenging Maths!

Pupils in Year 5 and 6 have recently taken the Primary Mathematics Challenge organised by the Mathematical Association.

There were 25 problem-solving questions including some seriously tricky ones towards the end! Pupils who scored 18 or over are invited to take place in the Finals to be held in February of next year. Gayhurst School have a good track record of getting one or two pupils into the Finals but this year was an exception with NINE pupils qualifying!

Well done to Kyle (20), Matthew (19), and Armaan, Dylan, Amelia, Leon, Edward, Kamren and Rahil who all scored 18.

Here is one of the trickier questions: A palindrome, such as 303 or 8668, is a number that remains the same when read backwards. What 3-digit palindrome can you add to 2017 and get a 4-digit palindrome as your answer?