Daniel is riding high!

Year 5 pupil Daniel took part in a Riding Club Show in Leighton Buzzard at the weekend and returned victorious with not one, but three first place rosettes. Daniel, and his pony Minstrel were the dynamic duo who took first place in the following categories; First Ridden, Mountain and Moorland and Best Rider. In the second two categories, nine-year-old Daniel was competing against adult riders. Daniel was also presented with a sash which represented achieving the status of Showing Reserve Champion, meaning he came second across the whole show.  Daniel commented “I was wearing a new hat and hunting jacket, I don’t know if they made any difference but I will definitely be wearing them again!”

As much as being pleased with himself, Daniel was just as delighted that little brother Tom, four, picked up a rosette for third place in the ‘Best Turned Out’ category. Tom was riding brother Daniel’s first pony, Diva.