Dr. Max Pemberton and his medical tool box

Gayhurst school welcomed Dr Max Pemberton today who delivered a fascinating talk on the human body. Dr. Max is an NHS Doctor, columnist and Author and it was his latest book, The Marvellous Adventure of Being Human, he came to share with the children today. Gayhurst girls and boys were joined by neighbouring school Maltmans and they joined together to enjoy Dr Max’s musings on just our wonderful the human body is.

Dr Max introduced us to his ‘tools of the trade’ and invited children to the front to try out his stethoscope, tendon hammer, opthalmascope and otoscope.

The children learned all about our five senses and how they keep the brain updated as to what is going on. One brave teacher, from visiting Maltman’s, even took part in the sniff and eat/don’t eat challenge – declining to eat the Doctor’s smelly sock! The children also enjoyed looking for each others’ taste buds!

After taking questions from the eager young would-be junior doctors, Dr Max signed copies of his book for the children.

This was one sense-stimulating speaker the children won’t forget in a hurry!