Family rescue

On Monday morning Nursery pupil, Michael and his family were shocked to discover a mother duck and her newborn ducklings waddling around the garden! Mother duck and her ducklings were looking for a way out to reach a source of water. Michael’s family live across the main road (the A40!) from the Gerrards Cross duck pond.

Michael’s Mum and Dad carefully cornered the ducklings into a box whilst Michael shouted words of support! Mother duck flew onto the roof of the shed whilst they opened the back gate and followed the box of ducklings as they made their way to the pond – across the Bull Hotel car park and across the A40!

Two helpful joggers stopped the traffic as mother duck crossed the road! Michael’s Dad held the box of ducklings whilst Michael and his Mum walked behind the duck encouraging her to follow her babies!
When they all reached the duck pond where the ducklings were released. Mother was reunited with her babies and led them straight into the duck pond where they immediately took to the water.

Michael and his family visited the duck pond this morning and they were delighted to be reunited with the family that they had saved.
What a great experience for everyone and a fantastic story for us!