Gayhurst; past, present and future.

The Year 6 girls and boys are starting a new unit in their Art lessons – Mural Painting: Gayhurst School; past, present and future.

In this unit, the children will learn about the history of their school and they will identify key points in the timeline up to present day.

Former Headmaster, Mr Andrew Sims, came in to school to give the children a talk on the history of Gayhurst.  It was a fascinating look back at our school’s past.

The children will be asked to look into the future and consider how things may change or what they would like to see as the future of Gayhurst School.  The children will work in small groups, working on a specific part of the school’s timeline.  They will compose an image to show their part of the story.  They will work with specialist paints for outdoors, aiming to apply colours neatly and thoroughly to the shapes of their design.  On completion of the work, the paintings will be hung in sequence to tell the story.