Grandma’s Grasshoppers

Gregor and Heath in Year 4 and 5 have a very talented Grandmother!  Judith Snell has donated, to Gayhurst School, 3 copies of a book she has written all about Grasshoppers.  Mrs Snell says, at the beginning of her book, that listening to and reading with her Grandchildren inspired her to write.  Both Gregor and Heath’s names appear in the dedication along with their 5 cousins

Mrs Snell’s book, The Grasshopper, is written completely in rhyme so as to be a fun and amusing way for children to take in lots of facts about these characterful creatures.

The book begins… “let me introduce myself, Grasshopper is my name, or you could call me ‘locust’, we are actually the same”

Any of the children at Gayhurst can have a read  of the book, there is one in each of the Junior School and Senior School libraries and Miss Legg has a special copy, in the 4L classroom.