Helpful People

The girls and boys in Reception are enjoying finding out about people who help us at Gayhurst School. In order to find out more about the roles of familiar adults in the school, the children planned some questions. Mrs Harper and Mrs Kay were able to explain to the children the purpose of the medical room, and how visitors are welcomed to the school. The children were so impressed to learn that Mrs Harper has worked in her current role for twenty years!

Mr Hardy in the kitchen was able to supply the children with information about a typical day in the school kitchen, starting at 7am! They were also fascinated by Mr Hardy’s description of how a cake bakes in the oven, and enjoyed helping Mr Hardy select a lunch dish for next week’s menu!

Mr Martindale from the Premises Team has been to visit the Reception children. He talked through his daily routine with the children, and also brought along some of the tools he uses to maintain and fix items around the school. These included a spirit level and a tape measure.

Mr Martindale developed chatted with the children about the things they can do each day to help keep Gayhurst School looking lovely. Thank you Mr Martindale and colleagues for everything that you do!

Thank you to all the people who help us at Gayhurst School!