Junior Journalist Exclusive!

‘Junior Journalists’, a new after-school, activity began this term.  The aspiring ‘journos’ have been learning interview skills and how to write up an attention-grabbing report.

As we have recently welcomed two new young coaches to our Sports Department we thought it was a perfect opportunity to let loose the Junior Journalists and see what they could dig-up on Miss Gillard and Mr Cash!


This term we are excited to have an Under 12 British Gold Medalist (gymnast), Miss Lauren Gillard join us on her new teaching adventure at Gayhurst.  Lauren teaches gymnastics and PE to the middle and senior school. She also teaches gymnastics as an after school activity. Quite a few Gayhurst pupils were already familiar with her from this club. Miss Gillard runs her own club in Maidenhead called Airborne Gymnastics.

Miss Gillard left her secondary school at 16 and studied A levels at college. She also studied for a diploma in photography and then went on to set-up her own gymnastics club. She was only 19 at the time! Lauren is now 24 years of age and has over 50 medals for gymnastics.

As a child, Lauren loved to watch gymnastics on the television.  Her favourite gymnast was Olga Corbett (and still is!).  Miss Gillard fondly remembers her favourite leotard. She said it was white with long sleeves and had blue and red swirls and diamonds on it.

By JJ Ilaria Artemieva


This term, at Gayhurst we are lucky to have a new teacher from a family of football professionals. Mr Adam Cash joins us on a journey through Gayhurst. Adam is an all-round sports teacher. He teaches all Gayhurst children from Reception to Year 6. He is passionate about football as it has been in his life for as long as he can remember. Adam’s dad was professional footballer, as is his brother. He has been playing football most of his life, since he was three years of age! His Dad played for Nottingham Forest and Brentford FC however, Adam supports Chelsea!

When Mr Cash was at secondary school (Holy Family Catholic School) his favourite subjects were PE and History.

Fun Fact – Mr Cash has his hair cut every two weeks!! Adam thinks it is very important to look smart. However, his brother does better than that, he has his hair cut every week!

By JJ Rahil Vora.