Mission to Mars

Thaya is one of our Reception pupils and her Mum has let us know about a lovely communication that happened last weekend. Thaya’s Mum, Kieley, said, “Over the weekend I found out about a young lady called Alyssa Carson who is expected to be one of the 1st Astronauts to go to Mars in 2033. Thaya is really interested in Space and I like to let her know about women in STEM who are doing great things.”

As you can see from the image to the right, Alyssa, at just 18, has already started her training in the hope that she will be the first person to walk on Mars in 2033.

Kieley went on to say, “When I showed Thaya the information about Alyssa, she got really excided, deciding she wanted to write her a letter.”

You can see Thaya’s letter on the right. She wrote this her self just needing a bit of help from Mum with a couple of spellings!

Mum decided to send the letter to Alyssa via Instagram to let her know how excited Thaya was to hear about her all she is doing.  Much to her surprise, Alyssa sent this message (on the right) back to Thaya.

Suffice to say Thaya was super excited.  What a fantastic example of just where studying STEM subjects can take you.