Prickly Pom Pom Sales

Year 5 pupil, Anja joined the Pom Pom Craft after-school activity this term and has been inspired to use her new found skill to raise money for charity.

Anja is a supporter of the Tiggywinkles charity.  The Charity’s website states…

“Every year in Britain over five million wild animals and birds are injured as a direct result of their encounters with man and man’s world. Tiggywinkles, The Wildlife Hospital Trust, is a specialist hospital. Using every available veterinary welfare skill, we are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating all species of British wildlife.
Since opening our doors over 200,000 patients have received treatment at Tiggywinkles.All British wild animal casualties brought to the hospital are treated completely free of charge and are released through a controlled programme, back to the wild, when they are fully fit”.
Anja set up a stand at her local village fair (with some help from her big brother!) and ended up raising almost £50 by selling off the numerous pom poms she has made at school and at home.  She even made a pom pom hedgehog mascot!

Well done Anja we are very proud of you indeed!

The Charity have a visitor’s centre in Buckinghamshire.  It would be a great place to visit in the up-coming school holidays!  See here.


Anja and her brother Barney selling pom poms at the village fair.