A school that weaves together…

The Big weave is a whole Junior School art project. A collaborative project very much like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Each small weave made by the children is added to the display so the children can see the small plate weaves grow into one large piece of art. They have used recycled ribbon left over from Christmas, thin and thick wool and torn material donated by parents. The children were asked to choose their material carefully thinking about colour and texture. each plate weave is individual, they vary so much its fantastic to see!

The girls and boys of the Junior School are getting into the flow now with their weaving!  Nursery started off the large hoop weaves on Tuesday. It was a great activity for their co-ordination and fine motor skills not to mention the fun of watching their collaborative work grow before their eyes!

The children have also been doing large hoop weaves, the hoops were rescued from the bin ( that’s what gave Chloe Vos the idea for this project!). All the classes are taking part in the hoop weaving with strips of colourful  plastic bags and torn material.

The children are thoroughly enjoying this fantastic activity and are very excited to do their weaves.