Senior School Art

Year 6

Over lockdown, Year 6 took part in a Mask Design Project based on the theme ‘Environment and Health’.  This project was inspired by a project called Maskbook, where artists create masks in response to environmental issues.  The children were asked to explore the theme and generate for a mask based on an issue which they feel passionate about.  The children focused on issues such as global warming, animal extinction, air pollution and plastic waste amongst other important issues.  The children explored different designs for a mask, by combining symbols and imagery.  They were ambitious in their designs and in the final stage, they explored materials and went about making their mask independently.  The children used recyclables and found materials to make their masks, and what amazing masks they made!  Please take the time to check out their creations.

Year 5

In the Autumn term, the children explored graphic design with a focus on sign making. The main project involved designing a sign for a shop of their choice, incorporating their name or initials into the sign.  As an extension task, the children collaborated designing and making outdoor signs which were aimed to send positive messages to the school community.  Due to lock down the children were delayed in completing their signs.  Last week the revisited this project.  They are using vinyl wrap on Perspex, which is a tricky technique to master.  They are nearly finished, and we hope to see their work on display on the school grounds soon.

Year 4

In this unit the children learned about Impressionism and some of the famous artists connected to the movement. The gained confidence talking about paintings and they copied the colours and marks that they observed by mixing colours and exploring different brushstrokes. In the final stage, they created an Impressionist style landscape painting based on an artist of their choice.

Year 3

In Autumn, the children learned about the Artist and illustrator Charley Harper.  they explored colour, pattern and shape through drawing and collage techniques.  In the final stage they recreated their favorite Harper pictures through collage.