Spring Term Art

Year 3
This term the children have been exploring pattern.  Back in the classroom, they are continuing their investigation of pattern in the paintings of artist and architect Freidensreich Hundertwasser.  The children learned about his love of the curving lines and shapes from nature and his great dislike for straight lines and rulers. They  looked at a variety of paintings, selecting the parts they liked and fusing those parts together to create their own original artwork.  They then used a combination of oil pastels and watercolour paint to build up the colourful patterns and shapes in their image.

Year 4 Design
This term, Year 4 have been exploring design.  In their first brief they had to design a chair for an Egyptian Pharaoh.  Firstly they researched the Egyptians, collecting symbols and imagery.  They then combined different shapes to create alternative designs for a chair before finalising an idea and constructing a 3D model.

The children also explored ideas for shoe and hat design, with some children transforming their 2D drawings into 3D.
Back at school the children continued to learn about shoe design, and the route a shoe designer will take to produce a shoe which is ready to be sold.  The children worked in pairs designing a trainer, cutting out the parts and assembling their shoe.  They were very happy with their result!

Year 5
Over lockdown, the children studied portraiture through drawing, learning about different famous artists and improving their ability to draw the face and all its features.  Back in the classroom the children have being furthering their understanding of proportion of the face through the medium of clay.  They have enjoyed learning some basic skills in clay modelling, each creating a clay portrait.

Year 6 Lino Prints Totems
Back in Autumn, Year 6 designed and carved out linoleum stamps based on the theme Totems.  This term the children took part in a printing block which took place over three weeks.  In the 1st week the children prepared painted backdrops, mirroring shapes from their stamp with the aim to add additional colour to their finial print. In the 2nd week the children explored print making with the goal to improve their printing method and produce a perfect print.  They discovered, that with the right amount of ink and the right amount of pressure they could achieve a perfect print.  In the 3rd and final stage, the children worked in teams to create a Totem Pole print.  They had to pool their knowledge and skills together, talking each other through the printing process aiming to achieve and clean and clear collaborative print.