Leavers prepare to take their next step

It is our last day of term and the Leavers Assembly has taken place.  The end of term Assembly in the summer is always an emotional one as we say goodbye to our Year 6s and leaving staff.

The Assembly started off with the whole school singing ‘One More Step’ which includes the line “give me courage when the world is rough, keep me smiling when the world is tough”, which we wish for all of our children.

Prize giving commenced with the accelerated reader prizes and  went on to include, Art, Music, Sports, Junior School and Senior School Prizes.  There was a new Prize this year called the ‘MAGIC Cup’.  This was awarded in both the Junior and Senior Schools and stood for the children who have excelled in the 5 categories of manners, academic, grit (resilience), independence and confidence.

Once all the Prizes had been received, the Year 6 boys and girls walked around the hall and shook hands with all of the staff who have taught them and supported them throughout their time at Gayhurst.

The Assembly was concluded by giving our warmest wishes to leaving staff.