The Christmas Story in pictures by Year 6

In this project, the children learned about Religious Art and became familiar with talking about aspects of religious imagery including colour, symbolism and composition.  There are eleven images altogether, which tell the story of the birth of Jesus.

The children worked in groups designing an image to represent their chosen part of the story.

They selected one design from 16 potential drawings to carry through to their final painting.

They worked together dividing the workload equally amongst the group.  Then, taking their inspiration from frames and pictures at the National Gallery, they began to construct their frame and explore different ways of making their art work.

Finally, the children considered colour for their image taking into account all they observed from religious imagery.  They considered how colour draws the eye around the painting and how colour may have a symbolic meaning.

The beautiful works of Art are now on display in the dining hall, arranged in clock work order.  They are each unique in their own decoration and style of imagery.

A big well done to Year 6 and all their effort , enthusiasm and team spirit.