Willows Farm

The children were all very excited to be getting on a big coach, with their packed lunches and on the way to Willows farm. We met our guides and after a short talk, we headed off for the tractor ride. The tractor took us past sheep, little lambs, goats, bulls and even 2 Highland Cows. Then, all of the children had a turn to “milk” Daisy the cow, after learning some very interesting “cow facts,” eg. that cows have 4 stomachs!

We even saw some mini shows; a Peter Rabbit song and dance show, a sheepdog herding some ducks around an obstacle course and also we cheered for our favourite contender in a very exciting sheep race!

After lunch, our guide taught us about the different parts of a plant and which plants we could eat.  Then we went to the barn to feed goats and lambs and also to cuddle some Guinea Pigs. It was a wonderful day out and we all learnt a lot.