Art & Design

“As Head of Art, I strive to nurture each child’s artistic potential and aim to instil a lifelong love of art.”

– Miss Sorsha Crosbie

At Gayhurst, our Art department, led by Miss Crosbie, is dedicated to fostering creativity and self-expression in our students. Class teachers are responsible for teaching art in Nursery through to Year 1, integrating it seamlessly into the curriculum.

The Art curriculum from Year 2 – Year 6, carefully crafted by our Head of Art, offers a unique and diverse learning experience, drawing inspiration from contemporary and classical art, cross-curricular themes, and cultural influences.

Our approach to teaching art encourages students to confidently express themselves both visually and verbally. The progressive syllabus allows students to develop their skills in drawing, design, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media, while also emphasizing the importance of experimentation and exploration of the formal elements.

In addition to classroom learning, our students benefit from regular visits by artists and craftspeople, enriching their understanding of art’s role in society and providing insight into creative careers. These experiences are complemented by visits to galleries, enhancing their learning and fostering a deeper appreciation for art.

The recent addition of a kiln to the art department has brought new and exciting opportunities for ceramic and pottery projects. Children in Year 2 are introduced to basic clay skills and continue to build on those skills throughout their creative journey.

For those who show a keenness to take art further, Miss Crosbie will offer support and guidance in portfolio and scholarship applications.

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