Art & Design

“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing.  Making your unknown known is the important thing.”

– Georgia O’Keeffee

The Art department is run by Miss Crosbie and is supported by Ms Vos who is art coordinator in the Junior school.  The Head of Art tailors the curriculum to ensure the children at Gayhurst receive a unique experience.  The art curriculum is adapted annually to allow for a more diverse learning experience across the school.  Inspiration for art projects are taken from contemporary art, classical art, cross curricular and cultural themes.

At Gayhurst we provide the children with opportunities to explore Art and to learn how to express themselves confidently in both their practical work, and in how they vocalise their experience and ideas in Art.

The art syllabus is designed to be progressive, allowing children to build on skills learned from previous years and advance in their own ability to design, draw, paint, print, and construct more effectively. There is a large emphasis on experimenting and exploring the formal elements.

Trips to galleries such as The National Gallery, V&A and the British Museum occur regularly with the aim to enhance the children’s learning.  Overseas trips to Rome, Venice and Florence among others offer a unique experience to immerse in culture and view iconic art first hand.

Artists and crafts people visit our school regularly.  These opportunities broaden the children’s understanding of Art in society to and offer insight into Art as a creative career.

For those who show a keenness to take art further, Miss Crosbie will offer support and guidance in portfolio and scholarship applications.

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