Art & Design

“It is only by drawing often, drawing everything, drawing incessantly, that one fine day you discover to your surprise that you have rendered something in its true character.”

– Camille Pissarro

The department is run by Miss Crosbie and supported by Mrs Vos who is the co-ordinator for Art in the Junior School.

Gayhurst School offers a broad based curriculum in Art, Craft and Design which provides students the opportunity to work in both two and three dimensions and across a wide range of media, techniques and processes. Students from Year 4 to Year 6 work in a purpose-built room which came into use in September 2008.

Projects draw on student’s personal experiences, their immediate surroundings, first-hand observation and their own imaginations.

Students learn to appreciate and value images and artefacts across times and cultures, and to understand the contexts in which they were made. In art, craft and design, students reflect critically on their own and other’s work, judging quality, value and meaning. They learn to think and act as artists, craftspeople and designers, working creatively and intelligently. They develop an appreciation of art, craft and design, and its role in the creative and cultural industries that enrich their lives.

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