From Reception children are encouraged to participate in a wide range of clubs and societies that happen after school. These take place from 3.30pm to 4.30pm for Reception to Year 2 and 4.30pm to 5.30pm for the older pupils. The activities are seasonal and change each term.

It often allows children to experience a pastime that is not normally included within the ordinary curriculum and the extra-curricular activities do prove to be very popular:

Junior School (A-Z)

Art Club Years 2&3
Ballet Classes Reception to Year 3
Chess Years 2&3
Cookery Club Year 3
Drama Club Years 2&3
Football Years 2&3
Gymnastics Club Years 1 to 3
Judo Years 2&3
Mini Tennis Years 2&3
MouseWizard Masters Year 2
Recorder Group Year 2
Rugby Year 3
Science Club Year 3
Short Tennis Years 2&3
Skiing Years 2&3

Senior School (A-Z)

Advanced Art Club (by invitation only)
Adventure Club Years 4&5
Chamber Choir (by invitation only)
Coding Club Years 4&5
Cookery Club Years 5 to 8
Craft Club Years 4 to 6
Cross Country Years 4 to 8
Creative Writing Club Years 5 to 8
Current Affairs Year 8
Drama Club Years 4 to 8
Football Years 4&5
Girls’ Football Years 4 to 6
Golf Years 4,6,& 8
Gym Activity Years 4&5
Gym Squad Training (by invitation only)
Gymnastics Club Year 4
Indoor recreational games (e.g. Lego, board games) Year 4 to 8
Rowing Club Year 8
Science Club Year 4
Skiing Years 4 to 8
Swimming Squad Activity (by invitation only)
Tennis Coaching Years 4&5