Our aim within the History syllabus at Gayhurst School is to excite, inspire and enthuse pupils within the subject and to develop a natural curiosity to know more about people and events that have helped to shape Britain and the wider world. By developing the pupils’ historical skills and methods of historical enquiry, we aim to help our pupils make sense of the past.

The History department follows the New National curriculum topics from Years 1-6.  Each term, a new topic is covered by each year group but there is flexibility for any current events of importance to be celebrated or for further study to occur.

The topics are taught within classes that allow for plenty of opportunities for independent research using ICT and other available resources. The subject is taught in a way which encourages questioning, thinking critically, examination of artefacts and historical evidence which allows the students to develop perspective and judgement. There are also opportunities for debates, presentations, art and project style work.

The pupils towards the end of Key Stage 2 are encouraged to take on more responsibility on how they want to conduct their research study and present their work to foster independence ready for the next Key Stage of their education.

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