Games and activities are an integral part of life at Gayhurst. The sports’ facilities have been considerably enhanced by the construction of an all-weather Astroturf surface. The chief sports for the boys are Rugby, Soccer and Cricket but Hockey, Tennis, Athletics and Swimming are also important and are timetabled into the working week. For the girls the main sports are Netball, Hockey, Swimming, Gymnastics, Rounders, Ballet and Dance but they also have the opportunity to participate in other sports that take place at the school.

The specialist Games’ staff who supervise and teach sport are often assisted by external coaches from clubs or Sports’ foundations.

Matches are arranged throughout the year against other schools at a variety of levels in order to give all the children the opportunity of representing the school. Some competitive matches begin when the children are seven years of age. Basketball, fencing, judo, golf, table tennis, badminton, and triathlon are other sports in which the children have the opportunity to become involved.

Although the main sports are obligatory one of Gayhurst’s key aims is to introduce the children to as many sports as possible. The teams are competitive and well coached but the importance of good sportsmanship is high on the school’s list of priorities.

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