The English skills taught in the Junior school instil a love of reading and writing through a stimulating environment. 

Literacy and communication are key skills and our aim is for children to develop and build upon these areas skills so that they can communicate effectively and creatively through both the spoken word and written language.

The children progress with their reading skills at their own pace and we encourage the reading of a wide range of books, thereby increasing their vocabulary as well as their level of comprehension.

Opportunities to write for different purposes, entertaining a range of audiences are a focus of the English curriculum.

We encourage the children to transfer the skills learnt in English to other curriculum subjects, promoting cross-curricular links.

Our Aims in teaching English in the Senior School are that all pupils will develop the necessary skills to use the English language confidently, appropriately and accurately –  to the best of their ability.

We aim to instil a love of reading and an enthusiasm for learning both in and out of the classroom. As pupils progress through the Senior School, they become more adept at the analysis and evaluation of spoken and written words, leading to independence in their appreciation and awareness of Language and Literature. We encourage pupils to further their understanding of the writer’s craft and become discriminating readers of a variety of texts and genres. Their own writing, therefore, increases in maturity and impact as these skills are honed. Speaking and Listening is a strength of pupils at Gayhurst. They have many opportunities to enhance the clarity, confidence and fluency of their own speaking, as well as become sensitive, empathic listeners.

Pupils are taught English in form groups in Year 3, and are then set according to ability in Years 4,5 and 6. Schemes of work are based on the National Curriculum.

Enrichment activities include theatre trips, public speaking competitions, Spelling Bee, Debate club, Readathon, Book Week, Creative Writing Club, and the Annual Prose and Verse Competition.

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