At Gayhurst high priority is given to developing the pupil’s knowledge, skills and understanding in Mathematics so that they learn to make mental calculations with confidence, enjoy the challenge of solving mathematical problems and work towards being good numerate adults.

The children are taught in classes up to Year 3 and are set according to ability in Years 4 to 6.

Pupils are encouraged to develop their skills in Numeracy through the use of practical equipment and a wide range of real life and fun situations. They also learn how to explore numbers, patterns and shape, learn their times tables and carry out more formal calculations.

Strong emphasis is placed on developing accurate measuring skills and in learning to apply the mathematical concepts they have been taught to other subjects and situations in their everyday life.

Pupils take part in a variety of enrichment activities and learning experiences, both in and outside of the classroom to enable the pupils to appreciate that maths is all around them. The whole school takes part in Maths Week England, STEM week and Number Day. Year 4 and 5 participate in the annual Mathematics Challenge, the former being held at Gayhurst. Year 6 take part in the Quiz Club Mathematical Challenge as well as sit the Primary Mathematical Challenge paper organised by the Mathematics Association

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