ISI Inspection Report

The school was last inspected by the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate in November 2015. Here are a few of our highlights, please read the full report available on the link below.

“Throughout the school, relationships between staff and among pupils themselves are of the highest quality.”

“Teaching and learning in EYFS are very strong and provide children with a good start to their education.”

“The able make good progress thanks to the wide range of opportunities provided to extend them.”

“Pupils with EAL or SEND are identified early and supported well; they make rapid progress.”

“Pastoral care is excellent and managed by well-informed staff who show genuine concern for individuals.”

“There are many examples where the pupils in the junior and senior school show great respect for each other and the school as a community.”

“The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils is excellent.”

If you would like to read the full report please click here

Compliance Inspection

The most recent inspection took place in November 2018. Please see the full report please click here

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