Modern Foreign Languages

In Modern Foreign Languages at Gayhurst School, our aims are:

  • to encourage enjoyment in language learning
  • to develop the pupils’ confidence communicating in both Spanish and French
  • to inspire an appreciation of other cultures.

The children begin learning Spanish in Reception, when they are naturally imitating the sounds and patterns of the speech and language around them. Their interest and curiosity in foreign languages is stimulated through games, mime, rôle-play, action rhymes and songs, using a variety of engaging resources such as interactive digital activities, video clips and puppets to develop pupil confidence in simple speaking and listening.

From Y3 to Y6, the children benefit from interactive lessons in both French and Spanish. They continue developing listening and speaking skills and also learn to read and write confidently, developing a growing understanding of grammar structures. Our schemes of work follow the aims of the National Curriculum. Our MFL teachers are subject specialists.

Finding out about French and Spanish culture is an integral part of the language learning experience, helping pupils appreciate and respect different customs and traditions. The curriculum is enriched with exciting activities and trips. A French theatre company presents a play to KS2, engaging the  children in lively audience participation. Year 6 visit the French Institute in London where they are immersed in a French environment for a day of language learning activities around a children’s film screening. The highlight for Y6 is their cross curricular Summer residential week in the Basque country. This provides an exciting opportunity to gain confidence and independence using their Spanish communication skills, to explore this beautiful region and experience the fascinating culture of the Basques.

By the end of KS2, Gayhurst pupils are confident learners in both French and Spanish, having gained some independent language learning strategies so that they are well prepared and enthusiastic to continue their language-learning journey in the next stage of their education.

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