Moving On

As a preparatory school, Gayhurst is continually preparing children for their next steps. Instilling a curiosity for learning and a wide range of skills so that children can comfortably use and apply what they have learnt and make progress.

With a commitment to enriching learning and developing resilience, independence and confidence (ELDRIC), Gayhurst provides a strong foundation which equips all children for their successful transfer to secondary school; a transition that they take seamlessly and in their stride.

As a stand-alone prep school, parents have great choice over where their children can move on to after Gayhurst. It is our aim that all children should be able to gain entry to their preferred school and one that is most suited to them. The Headmaster meets with parents to provide advice and help inform parental decisions on future schools based on knowledge of their child and their progress whilst at Gayhurst. Such conversations focus on the child’s ability, their strengths and interests and recognition of what schools would suit them.

Our pupils are very fortunate that there is such an excellent selection of schools available to them locally. Most pupils move on to the local grammar schools and Gayhurst has a strong record of success in preparing children for the Bucks Grammar Schools’ Selection Test (11+). The school also has a proud history of pupils moving on to a wide selection of senior independent schools, both day and boarding. Scholarships have been awarded across all aspects of school life – academic, art, drama, music and sport and we actively encourage and support those who have scholarship potential to consider such opportunities.

Gayhurst also offers secondary school fairs and transfer information evenings to support parents further in decisions they make over suitable next schools. Pupils often disperse to more than twenty different schools on an annual basis.

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