Theatre thrives in the school at all levels. Drama is exciting, fun and hugely rewarding. It highlights individual flair on the surface but it also demands close teamwork and a high degree of personal discipline.

All the children from the smallest to the oldest are involved in productions annually. The use of grease paint and instant fame can daunt those who do not seek the limelight but the use of lighting, sound systems, scene changing or programme design is just as important and means that there is a role for everyone. The plays are diverse and include productions such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Joseph, The Pirates of Penzance and even French plays performed by the older children while the traditional Nativity is enthusiastically endorsed by the youngest. The school regularly enters children into debating and public speaking competitions and over the years Gayhurst has been particularly successful in these fields.

Performing in front of an audience is an experience that can prove invaluable in life. Annual Verse and Prose competitions help the children gain confidence when on stage as well as enriching their understanding of literature.

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