Senior School

Our aim is to enrich learning during the preparatory years, fostering independence, resilience and confidence in our children.

At the start of Year 3, children transition to the Senior School where their independence is carefully developed with the introduction of some movement around school and subject specialist teaching to go alongside some lessons being taught by their lead Form teacher. The process is designed as a gradual one and by the start of Year 4, our aim is that all children are confident and resilient enough to move freely around the Senior School.

In the Senior School, we have ‘Form Teams’; each form is allocated an assistant Form Teacher who works alongside the Lead. In Years 3 to 6 these two members of staff oversee the well-being and progress of the children and have three designated form times each day which encompass registrations and Prep. The Form teachers remain an integral part of the children’s daily lives at Gayhurst, up until their transition to Secondary School at the end of Year 6.

Parents are kept up-to-date with children’s development and progress throughout the year via Progress Evenings or written reports and staff are available for further discussions where required.

The Deputy Head and Assistant Head-Senior School oversee the pastoral care of all pupils in the Senior School and are both members of the Safeguarding Team at Gayhurst. Weekly pastoral meetings occur and allow for a regular opportunity for staff to gather to monitor pupil wellbeing.

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