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Hello! I’m Rozet Shah – a parent of boy/girl twins who are in Reception class – and I’ve agreed to be the GPA Chair for the 2017/18 academic year.

Hello! Whether you are completely new to the School, or have been associated with the School for some time, I thought it might be helpful to set out what the role of the GPA is meant to be.

The GPA is an association consisting of volunteer parents at the School.  As these parents also have other roles/jobs, it is commendable that they give up their time and effort to help the GPA carry out its objectives.

The GPA committee for the 2017/18 academic year currently has the following members:

  • Chair – Rozet Shah
  • Deputy Chair – Brad Hyett
  • Secretary – Sara Reading
  • Treasurer – Nikki Wood
  • “Class reps” (generally each class puts forward at least one parent to be the class representative).

The objectives of the GPA are to:

  • arrange social activities and events for the benefit of the School community (namely, the children, parents and staff);
  • raise funds for the benefit of the School and chosen charities;
  • provide a welcoming service for new parents; and
  • help foster positive relationships between staff, parents and others associated with the School.

As you can see, it’s all important stuff!

The main beneficiary of GPA fundraising is the School.  During the Autumn Term, the GPA spent just over £22,500 on new woodland play equipment, new outdoor table tennis and table football tables, a new piano for the Music Room and new PA equipment in Gibbs Hall.  The GPA also funded the Junior School Christmas treat afternoon and updated some of the School’s Christmas decorations.  Looking ahead, the main project is for the GPA to work with the School to implement an Accelerated Reader programme (ARP).  More details can be found at