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Maria Walsh

Susie Kent
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Tonya McGee

Elizabeth Goater

Welcome to the Gayhurst School Association, the GPA. Please find a brief introduction to the GPA, our aims, and tasks.

We have formed a new GPA board for this academic year with the following positions:

· GPA Chair: Maria Walsh (with children in Y4 and Y6)

· GPA Deputy: Susie Kent (with child in Y1)

· GPA Secretary: Tonya McGee (with children in Nursery and Y2)

· GPA Treasurer: Elizabeth Goater (with child in Y6).

The GPA board acts as an umbrella organisation for all year group reps, is responsible for organising fundraising events, allocating funds within the school community or for chosen charities and help foster a positive relationship between staff, parents and others associated with the school.

Furthermore, this year 32 parents have volunteered to act as year group representatives (Reps). Reps play a vital role within the Gayhurst community as they are responsible for welcoming and including new parents, organising socials, and acting as a link between the school and the parent body.

Another important pillar of the GPA is the GPA Shop and their 5 volunteers, who run the GPA Shop. The GPA Shop is situated on school grounds, at “Little Gayhurst”, Maltmans Lane.

All of the aforementioned volunteers are parents of children currently attending Gayhurst who give up their time to serve the community, with the goal of raising funds for special purchases for the School and the benefit of our children. The GPA has funded various equipment acquisitions over the past years and has organised several events to simultaneously create a community feeling and raise funds. We appreciate your continued support.

There are lots of exciting events taking place over the course of the academic year and these are listed in the calendar on the Gayhurst website. Information will also be sent out via the School Office and the weekly newsletter as each event approaches. Other ways of communicating are social media such as WhatsApp groups, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter/X.

Please do not hesitate to contact the GPA with any questions or feedback and I look forward to meeting you all soon.

Kind regardsMaria Walsh, AKA MalinaGPA Chair 2023/2024

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