Meet Eldric

Enriching Learning, Developing Resilience, Independence and Confidence


It wasn’t long before our school philosophy of, Enriching Learning, Developing Resilience, Independence and Confidence (#ELDRIC) became so embedded as a fundamental part of Gayhurst, that they needed characterising.

Eldric is a baby Emperor penguin and our school mascot. An Emperor penguin was chosen as they embody the ethos of the school and the characteristics we are striving to develop within our pupils. They are sociable, family centric animals who work together to thrive, displaying huge resilience as they survive in extreme conditions.

Nursery and Reception have their very own Eldric dressed in their PE kit, and the characters are given to selected prize winners at the end of each term when they have shown independence, confidence and resilience. .

Large Eldric plushies can also be found in the Nursery and each Reception classroom and are an important part of our youngest children’s introduction to Gayhurst and the school’s commitment to developing children’s strength of character. Each week at Junior School assembly MAGIC badges are awarded to children who have shown resilience, independence or confidence within their learning.

As our school mascot, Eldric is keen to get involved in school life and regularly appears at special events, proving very popular with our pupils. Eldric also features in many of the children’s adventures being taken home each weekend by a Nursery and Reception pupil.

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