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Gayhurst is a truly special, happy and purposeful community, where your children will benefit from an excellent foundation to learning and personal development in their formative years, preparing them suitably for many of the challenges they will encounter throughout their lives. Welcome to Gayhurst, a school where we value pupils’ happiness, social and emotional development as highly as we do their academic achievement. It is our privilege to support children in the formative years of their education.

Educating children aged from 3 to 11 years old, Gayhurst is committed to offering its pupils a broad, rounded, co-educational experience in a happy and caring academic environment, where their pastoral needs and wellbeing are paramount. Appreciating how quickly the world and education are changing, we are focused on enriching children through all of their educational experiences and developing their skills and character so that they become confident, independent and resilient individuals full of enthusiasm and curiosity. Focusing on their personal development alongside their academic and physical development enables them to develop their emotional intelligence and collaborate and interact with one another respectfully so that they can positively contribute to the school community and wider society.

Subject specialist teachers inspire and allow subjects to be explored in depth. Dedicated facilities and a spacious, green site provide the ideal environment for children to grow, explore and develop. A blend of traditional and modern teaching approaches provide children with an excellent educational experience that promotes their academic, physical, creative and social development. Enrichment opportunities and an extensive extracurricular programme abound and our children willingly take on challenges and engage enthusiastically to discover new interests and talents. We are committed to ensuring that our children are respectful, courteous, well-rounded and grounded, their mental health and wellbeing is a prominent focus and our staff offer great care and pastoral support.

Gayhurst is a truly special, happy and purposeful community, where your children will benefit from an excellent foundation to learning and character development in their primary years. They are well-prepared for their transition to secondary school and for many of life’s challenges that they will encounter. Gayhurst is an environment that enables all children to thrive and flourish.

Being unique in the local area for offering co-education, we value the opportunities for boys and girls to learn alongside one another and also from one another, building respect and reflecting the society that they will live and work in. Co-education also enhances the family ethos of the school and allows siblings to be educated together and benefit from shared experiences. Partnership and relationships with parents are also vitally important and encouraged within our community.

Our website should provide a detailed insight to what experiences and opportunities our pupils are offered. I sincerely hope that you will be inspired and encouraged to come and visit us in person, where you will then experience at first hand, our wonderful atmosphere, beautiful site and child-centred approach. I would be delighted to meet you and show you around and assist you in making the most difficult of choices about your child’s education, discussing what role Gayhurst could play.

Gayhurst would certainly have a positive impact upon your child and their development, enabling them to become confident, independent and resilient individuals: Most importantly, they would have great fun and the happiest of times doing so.

Gareth R A Davies

Why I chose co-education #ELDRIC

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