Headmaster’s Welcome

First and foremost, I welcome you to the Gayhurst school website and thank you for browsing and considering us for your child’s education. The website provides a wealth of information about the school and I sincerely hope that you are able to find the information you need, but if not, then do not hesitate to contact or visit us, as we will be happy to help you and we will provide you with the answers you need to make an informed choice about your child’s education.

Gayhurst is a co-educational school for children aged from 3 to 11 years old. Being unique in the local area for offering co-education, we value the opportunities for boys and girls to learn alongside one another and also from one another.  They blend well together and complement each other, making for a stimulating learning environment. Co-education at Gayhurst prepares children for the wider world that they live in, where males and females co-exist. We recognise the academic and social benefits that co-education offers, where both genders gain respect for one another, an understanding of each other and also the importance of confidently interacting with one another. These are all valuable life and social skills that are best learnt at a young age and far harder to develop within a single sex environment.

At Gayhurst, we offer pupils a broad, rounded education in a happy and caring environment, where their pastoral needs, happiness and wellbeing are of paramount importance. Whilst this website conveys the breadth of opportunity and pupil happiness at the school, it unfortunately does not enable you to experience the positive atmosphere and community feel of the school – this can only be experienced from visiting the school, where it will then be evident. The positive, family atmosphere is well-established and one of the school’s notable strengths. It is testament to the mutual respect shared between children and teachers and the close partnership we develop between home and school.

The breadth of opportunity on offer at the school through the academic curriculum and extracurricular enrichment helps us prepare children for their futures beyond education not just for the successful transition to senior schools. Focusing on their personal development alongside their academic and physical development enables them to develop independence, leadership and growth mindsets, which results in confident and resilient pupils who can persevere and make decisions. Learning is an adventure and we are keen to help your children become more curious and to explore the world around them.

I warmly welcome you to come and see the school in action, where you will find out for yourselves, why our children are so happy. I look forward to meeting you in due course.


Gareth R A Davies

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