Geography is taught across the school and has a spiralling curriculum which aims to broaden the children’s understanding of global localities.

The aims of Geography are

  • to enable children to gain knowledge and understanding of places in the world;
  • to increase children’s knowledge of other cultures and, in so doing, teach a respect and understanding of what it means to be a positive citizen in a multi-cultural country;
  • to allow children to learn graphic skills, including how to use, draw and interpret maps;
  • to enable children to know and understand environmental problems at a local, regional and global level;
  • to encourage in children a commitment to sustainable development and an appreciation of what ‘global citizenship’ means;
  • to develop a variety of other skills, including those of enquiry, problem solving, IT, investigation and how to present their conclusions in the most appropriate way.

Children in the Junior school are taught by their class teachers, whilst in Year 4-6 children enjoy 2 lessons a week with specialist teachers

There are many opportunities for field work to reinforce the topics being covered. These include a river investigation of the Misbourne River by Year 5 and a coastal study by Year 6. In the Junior school studies of the local area help to reinforce topics. Children also have the opportunity to learn about different countries and their cultures, and are often able to extend their knowledge through project based work.

There is also a focus on map work and children are able to use Ordnance Survey maps to develop their mapping skills, as well as local maps, atlases and globes, to locate places throughout the world.

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