Photography Consent Form

This form lets you inform the school of what photography/videography consent you give for your child.
Please see the policy that this consent form relates to at:
For the photography and use of images or recordings of pupils at Gayhurst School.
Please note that with regards to the creation of a professional marketing film, the website* and the school prospectus you will be contacted and asked for your express permission for your child to be involved. Any such marketing material may be used once your child has left Gayhurst School.
*this does not include general weekly news stories
To protect your child’s privacy their photograph and name will never be published on social media in a way that identifies your child.
Name of pupil(Required)
I/We have read the school’s policy on taking, using and storing of images of children as posted on the website and I/we agree that:
Please note if you have answered ‘no’ to any of the above your child’s image may still be used with his/her face pixelated. Please also note that your child may be asked to step out of group photographs.
Name of the person completing this form