SALS Shoes Super Star

This week Gayhurst School has been collecting pre-loved shoes for the charity, SALS Shoes.  Year 5 pupil Tanvi has achieved a collection of 58 pairs of shoes for the charity. She went to the houses of neighbours who had children and asked them for any donations. She also messaged some of her friends in the area. Tanvi had read about SALs on their website and explained to the donors how the charity works: There are 300 million children in the world for whom walking with shoes is a rarity. This makes them extremely vulnerable to infection. Without shoes, many children are not permitted to attend school.
Mrs Lingley Lorenzo, Tanvi’s form teacher said, “Tanvi’s decision to go above and beyond for this charity really shows you what a kind and caring young lady she is”. Tanvi’s Mum said ,”Tanvi is overjoyed that these hardly used shoes will benefit children who are less fortunate then her”.
You can read more about the charity on their website