A Sweet English Lesson to Savour

Year 5 are enjoying their study of ‘Boy’ and can relate very well to Roald Dahl’s obsessions with sweets. Ms Williams’ class were happy to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, smells – as well as tastes – of a variety of specimens, collaborating on some very effective descriptive language work:

Raspberry Bon-Bons  look  like pretty snowballs with white dust or blue candyfloss powder sprinkled upon them. They smell like a blue strong gust of wind or beautiful buttercream. Biting into them make a  sound like feet gently pounding on the sand. Smooth against your teeth.  It feels hard and stale like an uncracked shell. Hard, but soft and light to touch. A heavenly crunch. A fluffy floating raspberry cloud, melting in your mouth.

Starburst Taste like a thousand flavours exploding in your mouth. A juicy burst of amazingness. A flavoursome vine cutting through your tongue. Like a square citrus sun. Unwrapping the tiny baby building blocks sounds like the crunching of autumn leaves under your feet. It feels like sticky, squishy cement, but as smooth as a new book cover.

Sour Skittles Look like tiny yellow rugby balls that have been trodden on. A zingy, tangy smell. Sour citric acid.