Alan Sugar’s next business partner?

Year 5 pupil, Seth was inspired, after watching the series Junior Apprentice, to start his own business.

In true entrepreneur style, he pestered his parents for support after producing an inspiring business plan.

Taking inspiration from both his school IT lessons and the school support of The Williams Fund, he decided on an online toy purchasing website that would donate a percentage of his profits to the Charity.  Once the website was up and running Seth and his father undertook the all important search engine optimisation and soon the orders followed.

Seth said, “the name of the Company, Setlea Toys, is a combination of my sister’s and my names.  I think it has a certain ring to it!”

Seth mentioned that he particularly enjoyed the packing up of the orders as he said it all becomes very real at that point.

You can visit Seth’s website here Setlea Toys and you never know, you might just find a Christmas present or two!.