Announcing ‘The Gayhurstian Association’

Gayhurst School is excited to announce the upcoming formation of an Alumni which will be called ‘The Gayhurstian Association’

There are lots of things to get ready for the launch and at a recent meeting of The Gayhurstian Association Steering Committee, decisions were being made about the logo.  Miss Legg, Head of Middle School, a member of the Committee, ran a competition recently for the Year 6 children to design a logo.  From the entered designs, a short-list was drawn up and then the winners announced.  Nicholas Storey and George Beddoe share the honour of being winners and having their designs sent to our designers, to be blended together and digitalised into a final logo for the Association.

The members of the steering committee said “As a group we wanted to thank all those Gayhurst pupils who put so much thought into designing a logo for the GHA which we anticipate launching fully later this year.  There were many original and creative entries and the final version will be a mixture of  the two winners!  Well done!”

The Steering Committee members are as follows:

Mr C. Phillips (Chairman) – former pupil and former parent
Mr G. Lawley – former pupil
Miss M. Legg – current member of staff
Mrs A. Dusek – former parent
Ms H. Badrick – former parent
Mr A. Sims – former Headmaster and former parent

Gayhurst School is very excited about the forming of The Gayhurstian Association and look forwarded to hosting an event!