One Party, One Can

On Friday the 3rd of September, one of our families, The Kerrigans, hosted a very special party for their neighbours. Invites went out to the houses in the surrounding streets.

Mr and Mrs Kerrigan asked any children who lived, in those invited houses, to play music or perform and they asked the adults (both with and without children) to come and listen.

Along with asking for their ‘ears’ they also asked their neighbours to bring a donation for the foodbank, One Can Trust, in High Wycombe.

The Kerrigan’s daughter, Hannah (Year 5), designed and posted the invitations, baked cakes, and then sang and played flute to entertain the crowd. Aida (Year 4) played piano, Sasha (a former pupil) played piano and Tom (a former pupil) performed a monologue. All of the children performed wonderfully.
Due to their neighbours’ genorisity, the Kerrigan family, were able to make a substantial donation to the One Can Trust. An added bonus was they met many of their neighbours for the first time since the beginning of lockdown, way back in March 2020.

Well done Hannah and Aida and of course, Sasha and Tom. And to Mr and Mrs Kerrigan – what a wonderful idea!