Daniel and Minstrel – a winning combination!

Year 5 pupil Daniel recently entered a horse riding competition run by Leighton Buzzard Stanbridge & District Riding Club.  The categories Daniel entered were ‘First Ridden’ and ‘Family Pony’.  Daniel only started riding two years ago and he has already progressed to entering competitions including Dressage and even some low level Show Jumping.

First Ridden means that the pony, and rider, are for the first time, not using a lead reign and in this category Daniel took first place!  Daniel managed fourth place in the ‘Family Pony’ category which is a fantastic achievement especially as part of the criteria in this category is cantering as part of a large group, which any rider will tell you, is not easy!

Daniel’s pony for this competition was Minstrel and the family have owned Minstrel for just a year.  Minstrel has a grander show name of ‘Milford Fair Minstrel’ and is a Welsh Section B Mountain Pony and a light brown Palomino.   Daniel says his love of horses has been encouraged by his Mum and Grandma.

Well done Daniel, and Minstrel of course!