Head of Girls’ Pastoral Care in the Spotlight

Mrs Ross, Gayhurst’s Head of Girls’ Pastoral Care, paid a visit to the Junior Journalist’s after-school activity today to be interviewed about her role in the school.  Mrs Ross who is currently a Year 1 teacher is now in her second year in the pastoral position.

The JJs had prepared questions in advance having been given the brief of writing an article to promote 10 years of co-education at Gayhurst.

Mrs Ross, who has a daughter at the school was very happy to chat about her responsibility to the welfare of girls at Gayhurst and share with the budding writers the ins and outs of her job and her enthusiasm for the education of boys and girls together.

The interview had been postponed from last week when the school was closed due to the poor weather.  What a coincidence that today is International Women’s Day!  Check back here soon to read the pupils’ articles.