Owzat for a coincidence!

Gayhurst’s Science Teacher, Mrs Sally Inshaw spent part of her Christmas break visiting her son who lives in Melbourne Australia.  One of the highlights of her visit was a seat at The Boxing Day Test Match which is an annual event where Australia’s Cricket Team play a visiting national team.  This year the visiting team was England!

Having watched what Mrs Inshaw describes as an Australian batting masterclass, and at the end of the day, she and her family, along with nearly 89,000 other supporters, headed for the exits of MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).  In what was a huge coincidence, amongst the considerable crowd, Mrs Inshaw spotted one of her Gayhurst pupils!  Sally Inshaw says, “I could not believe it! There in his cricket whites, was Hector, from one of my Year 4 classes, along with his sister, Matilda and their parents.”  Hector, an enthusiastic cricket fan, was more than a little shocked to see one of his teachers, not only out of the school environment, but 10,000 miles away from home and amongst nearly 90, 000 other people – what are the chances of that?!

On a truly memorable day for both families, Australia reigned victorious, though England’s Alastair Cook was named man of the match after he opened for England and had an unbeaten first innings of 244.  Hector’s father got a snap of the action when Cook was batting.  At the time he was on run 202 as the scoreboard in the photograph attests.  Hector also snapped a cheeky candid shot of Alastair Cook as he and Matilda waited for his autograph.