Poppy’s Crowning Glory

Year 2 pupil Poppy Kelly has undertaken an extraordinary act of kindness. Poppy has been growing her hair for quite some time now. Little did her classmates know she was waiting for it to be long enough to cut and donate to the Little Princess Trust.  The Little Princess Trust provide real hair wigs made from hair donated by supporters, to children and young adults (up to the age of 24) who have lost their hair due to cancer and other illnesses.

Like most little girls, Poppy’s hair was her crowning glory and so it was with a mix of emotions that she had her drastic cut. Mrs Gillian Kelly, Poppy’s mum and a teacher at Gayhurst School said, “She was so brave but also excited and very happy in the knowledge that her hair would be part of a beautiful wig that would provide such joy to another little girl who really needs it”.

We here at Gayhurst are also extremely proud of Poppy. What an amazing young lady she is to undertake such an altruistic act in order to bring happiness to someone going through a very tough time in their lives

For more information about donating your hair please see the Little Princess Trust’s website by clicking here.