Tree of life

The girls and boys of Year 5 having been discussing families in their PHSCE lessons with Mrs Lingley.

Set with the task of finding out a bit more about their own families as a homework assignment, Jocelyn was amazed when her father disappeared off to get a few pieces of family memorabilia and came back with a family tree dating back to to the 1200’s!

Jocelyn is the youngest member of the family printed on to the tree and you can also see the pink markers showing a member of Jocelyn’s family who fought in the Boer War and also Sir Francis Drake!

Jocelyn was also able to show her class a very old Dictionary which had been written by her great great great great great great Grandfather in the 1800s and which now has pride of place on a bookshelf of her home.

What a fascinating insight into the history of a family and how wonderful to know we all probably have just as a remarkable history of our own.