Enrichment – Art Workshops

As part of our M.A.D.E/ activities, Year 5 & 6 had the most wonderful opportunity to work with visiting stained glass artist, Rachel, from Swanwick Studio.

The children learned skills in glass cutting, grinding glass and foiling.  Each child created a individual leaf from an array of coloured and textured glass. Artist Rachel, connected each leaf to long copper rods using solder and fixed each rod to a beautiful natural plinth forming a ‘Tree of Life’.  The children thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience and can be reminded of their collaborate efforts every time they see their tree.

On World Book Day, Year 4 focused on shoe making. The story of Cinderella has been retold in many different cultures around the world and this story was the starting point for today’s Year 4 ELDRIC workshop.

The children had the task of designing a shoe for a modern-day Cinderella/ fella. Taking inspiration from various shoe designs and the variety of colourful materials, the children worked in pairs designing and constructing their shoe.

Today Year 3 took inspiration from the ‘Tree of Life’ created earlier in the week by Year 5 & 6.  The children cut and shaped stained glass effect vinyl’s to create leaves and branches for their tree.