A Day of History

On Tuesday this week, Robbie and Thomas went to the Finals of the Oratory History Competition. They were in the top 20 from over 250 entries to the competition and enjoyed a day put on by the school. When we arrived, the boys were greeted by some of the school’s GCSE historians who spoke to them while they looked at the other entries.

They then enjoyed a history workshop, unravelling the subtle historical clues behind Rushton Triangular Lodge, a very interesting building, which was commissioned by the father of a member of the group behind the Gunpowder Plot.
After lunch, the boys had a real tennis lesson, the sport of choice for King Henry VIII. Mr Stevenson couldn’t resist having a go as well! The next stop was a history quiz, looking at the boys knowledge of historic buildings and facts.

Finally, it was presentation time! The children all looked at each other’s work including Robbie’s video entry, before certificates were given. A very good day out for the boys, thank you Oratory School!