Art and activity – a creative combination

Year 5 pupil Tanvi has shared with us what she has been up to these past 5 weeks.

Tanvi is very creative and has produced a wonderful art piece of acrylic on canvas inspired by the countryside walks she has been taking daily with her family. With all the walking she has been doing, Tanvi has managed 10 km twice a week and is motivating the whole family to keep fit and healthy. She has achieved 20,000 steps at least twice a week and doing 10,000 on the other days too!

She was also inspired to make a “FAKE” afternoon tea using air drying clay, paper mache, paints, sponges, etc.

Tanvi has undertaken a project on the human skeleton where she built a skeleton and learnt about the bones in more detail

Tanvi’s Mum commented “Tanvi has been a huge inspiration to our family by being really positive and energetic and keeping us all motivated throughout the lockdown”.

Well done Tanvi – keep it up!