Socially Distanced Marathon

On VE Day Noah in Year 3 was part of the ‘Firs Estate’ (Socially distanced) marathon in Gerrards cross.

26 households completed 1 mile – to make up the 26 mile route past every house on the estate. (In fact they ended up with 35 teams so 35 miles were covered making it an ultra marathon!!!)

Each team set off at 5 min intervals to make sure they maintained social distance!

They ran past every house and they were all decorated with flags and having tea parties in their front gardens.

Noah and his brother cycled the route whilst his mum and dad chased after them.

The neighbours also used the opportunity to raise money for Cancer Research and so far they have raised just under £4000 –

Other Gayhurst children that took part were Sebastian and Lottie from Reception and Sehajbir and Samanvir from years 5 and 4.